The Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation and the University of Faisalabad have reached a landmark agreement under which the foundation will impart skills of entrepreneurship to the students of the university. The arrangement was discussed in a meeting between Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation founder Muhammad Siddique and University of Faisalabad Pro Rector Dr Zahir Paracha in a meeting on the university campus. Muhammad Siddique is entrepreneur, mentor, and co-authors of ‘New Success Secrets’, and ‘L.E.G Formula’.  He said the project was the first of its kind in Pakistan where university students would learn about the active techniques of entrepreneurship.  “The project is less about bookish knowledge and more about practical work,” he said. During the training, students would be working on enterprises, conceived by them and launched by them. For the project, the university campus will be used in the evening after the regular classes.

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“That is the best multi-use of the campus,” said Dr Paracha.

Muhammad Siddique said the mission of the Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation is to promote entrepreneurial spirit among the youth, especially Pakistanis, and integrate them with the world community. The Global Social Entrepreneurship Foundation is a charity foundation, registered both in Pakistan and the US.

Muhammad Siddique said the training would be done free and he was doing all this under ‘L.E.G’ philosophy.

“L is for learn, E for earn and G for giving back. Every person first learns skills and then earns from the skills. Once successful, they should give back to their communities. If this eco-system is established, every successful person will be helping and mentoring the startups,” he said.

Dr Paracha said his university always strived for the success of their students. He said he hoped the project would produce innovative enterprises.


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