The spam filter in your inbox has only one purpose not to show you messages that you’re not interested in studying. In the old days there were a lot of manual rules lists, as well as spammers who were quick to adjust. The advent of Gmail and its remarkably easy-to-use spam filters was more than a blessing. In the summer of this year, however we heard of an Google plan to change the way the spam filter of Gmail was operating deliberately allowing the emails of political parties pass through. Today , we learn of this plan has received approval from the Federal Election Commission has approved the plan and Google is planning to go ahead with a trial.

Google suggested a program to the FEC which would permit candidates registered to the FEC to distribute large-scale emails via Gmail without having to be delivered to everyone’s email inboxes. The test would last until January and the messages would contain the words “prominent notice” that would allow people to decide to not receive. However, it appears it would be in a sender-by-sender manner as well as Google might not offer users the option of opting out from future political mailers that are part of this project in one swoop.

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The FEC was clearly pleased with what it heard, which included Google’s pledge of nonpartisanship and in an unpublished ruling, it expressed its support. The company then informed 9to5Google that it is going forward with the plan and will be monitoring the comments of all those that is.

Google states that the goal behind this “is to explore alternative methods to address issues from bulk emailers, as well as giving users complete control over their inboxes , so that they can minimize unwanted mail.”

It’s as if Gmail was already equipped with clearly defined controls to reduce unwanted messages, didn’t? It seems like it’s something different that “minimizing.”


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