Many people were left devastated after they learnt the fact the Godfall ray tracing effects, especially the pertaining to ray traced shadows, were not made available when the game finally launched. The game, developed in partnership between AMD and Microsoft’s DirectX12 Ultimate/DirectX Ray Tracing, the game would have given us a first look in to how the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards handled the ray tracing.

However, after much anticipation and wait, it seems that day has finally arrived, as aswe have just gotten word that developers have recently released a new update which will  enable users, Godfall ray tracing on PC. However, this can only be done on AMD GPUs, so owners who have a NVIDIA RTX GPU will still have to wait for a future update to try and play Godfall with ray tracing enabled.  “This new update, version 2.0.95 is only for PC and it gives the user the ability to play Godfall with ray tracing enabled, of course on the computers with AMD GPUs. It is worth noting here that, players are required to have with them the latest AMD GPU drivers in order to enable this”, read the report 

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You can check your version number on the bottom left of the Title Screen or in the Network tab which can be accessed through the Settings to ensure that you have the most recent update, specifically version 2.0.95. It is all pretty confusing, especially since Godfall ray tracing should be based on Microsoft’s DXR API and hence should run quite easily on a DXR-compatible graphics card, including NVIDIA’s. We presume that the main reason for such a delay is because of some optimization that is still needed to be done, specifically for NVIDIA’s architecture.

Nonetheless, we urge you to stay tuned for more updates on the matter  In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from a review-in-progress of the game by Kai, quoted by wccftech,  “In many ways, Godfall represents the quintessential launch title for a new console hardware. It’s a very pretty showcase of how a next-gen title should look and feel but it will ultimately be forgotten by the time the next great RPG comes along. There were some novel ideas at play in Godfall but I don’t think I’ll be coming back for another helping of loot any time soon”. 


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