The world was already preparing itself to become digitally transformed but this pandemic has changed the game altogether. Many countries like US, UK, and even Estonia, a small Baltic nation, were making efforts to go paperless at the government level, along with the education sector.. Nevertheless, COVID-19 forced a global shutdown on all activities as the new normal came into existence curtailing our everyday lives. With the new reality, our basic human interaction has been drastically altered to accommodate social distancing. As of now, we have to wear masks and gloves or wash our hands frequently and even maintain distance from our loved ones. Not only that, almost 70% people are working from home. Amidst this global crisis, Pakistan is one such country that is adapting to this pandemic by shifting to digital usage at an evidently high pace.   

The New Normal

Since COVID-19 appeared, United Nations, World Health Organization along with countries struggling to make sense, came up with different strategies to protect their people, while keeping the economic wheel turning. Not only at the country level but the corporations also started to revisit their businesses and processes to manage their survival against this global menace. Brands all around the world began to empower their consumers by offering safe and risk-free business transactions. Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) suddenly became the pivotal point strategy to for countries to sustain normalcy as most people were confined to their homes. In Pakistan all the telecom companies came up with special offers and packages to provide relief to the common man including the national carrier PTCL, who prominently played its integral part to provide support and seamless connectivity across Pakistan.   

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Providing Digital Payment Channels

For consumers today, it is important that they are provided with the ability to stay at home and focus on safety for themselves and their families. Companies who are able to serve customers and adapt to the new normal are able to get the customer loyalty. In the present circumstances being connected digitally is important for both consumers and companies, thus, telecom and e-commerce platforms play a key role in sustaining the economic growth in Pakistan. Being the backbone of connectivity, PTCL is ensuring connectivity across the country with its frontline workers equipped with PPE as they work 24/7 to resolve customer complaints. 

Heroes of PTCL Video

The company empowered its customers by taking online payment to the next level by introducing various digital channels. The following online payment options offer secure transactions, ease of use and convenience to all customers:

Providing multiple touchpoints, the company is ensuring that people are enabled to pay their bills or upgrade their internet package from the safety of their homes to receive uninterrupted services. Furthermore, PTCL has also collaborated with a courier service for the ease of customers whereby they can call on 1218 to book bill collection from their doorstep. This not only is convenient but also ensures safety of the people during the COVID-19 crisis. We have seen a surge of internet usage in Pakistan as people are turning towards online entertainment, learning, and gaming, along with regular office work.

Digital Banking Channels


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