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Good news folks, the man who organized the disgusting Wife-swap Facebook campaign has been arrested!

Good news folks, the man who organized the disgusting Wife-swap Facebook campaign has been arrested!

Karachi police have been done something which shows their worth by arresting the alleged man who is accused of creating such fake Facebook dance party events to lure those who attend such events just for the fun of it. The Clifton super-intendent Officer in charge of the operation , Mr. SuhaeeAziz came on to state that they raided a house which was located at Clifton near the famous Khyber Hotel, in which the guilty ArsaalanQamar was arrested.

ArsaalanQamar has now been charged with creating a Facebook page whereby unethical and even illegal dance parties were organized, the party in this case was whereby the attendance at the party had to swap their wives. This event was organized on the 3rd of November, in which the organizers had rooms booked for those who were the attendance. The covet charge of the party was kept at 25,000 Rs and the event was actually named “Dirty Night(Wife swapping)”

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Here is the fun part though, and I say this with utmost respect to the community, the fun part was that no such party actually took place and the culprit actually took the money from the people who planned to attend the event and later on simply deleted the page. The Investigation that took place later reveals that the accused had planned four more fake parties in the past from which he had similar gains.

SP Aziz reveals that a police informant worked under-cover as one of Qamar’s clients and paid him Rs 25000 to get hold of the ticket but when the informant caller upon the accused for details and location regarding the event Qamar simply told him to buzz off and that no such party is being held. Furthermore Qamar also confessed to having sold two party tickets at Rs 25000 each. Aziz said that they had recovered the amount during the raid that took place.

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