Google Accidentally Shows Off

Google Accidentally Shows Off

The official “Made By Google” account which is based on Instagram recently proceeded on to post a new story the story actually centers on International Dance Day – which took place just recently. In the video, there was a woman dancing around her house – which was filled by hardware supported by Google.

The music that the woman dances to comes from a Neat Audio based in the Chalk colorway. At one point in the video, it can actually be seen that there happens to be a matching phone which is placed right next to the speaker. The phone we’re talking about here is without doubt the Google Pixel 4a : however, just that it’s launched in Just Black.

The Instagram story has since then been taken down, but images have in fact surfaced online which go on to show exactly what Google posted.

If you remember, the Google Pixel 4a was actually supposed to launch in May of last year. However, courtesy of the pandemic, the search engine giant took upon itself to delay the release. Eventually though, the phone did end up being launched in August – but this in just one color.

It is of course possible that Google did plan for a second color option for the sake of the Pixel 4a, and that this second option might be what we saw in the Instagram story. This would end up making loads of sense actually – especially when you consider the fact that pretty much every other Pixel phone that we’ve come across up until this point has made way with at least two color options.

Sadly enough though, it is a tad  unfortunate that we’re never likely to see this particular Pixel 4a bit store shelves because it does actually look rather nice. However though, the upcoming Pixel 5a might end up coming with multiple color option – now that the pandemic is finally starting to wind down in certain areas across the globe.


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