Google Allo’s version might arrive sooner than we expected

Google Allo's version might arrive sooner than we expected
Google Allo's version might arrive sooner than we expected

Google Allo has proven itself to be a very capable messaging app, with many users enjoying it, however, Google is yet to take it seriously, this proven by the fact that Google still hasn’t updated it with proper text messaging integration. Even with the latest update, this did not actually change, however, with the latest update, not only did we get some few additional features, but we also saw a few hints from Google, as to what to expect in the future, as Google did actually drop a few hints.

When talking about new features, one new feature which comes to mind is the fact that Google visually adjusted Allo’s image editor, in an attempt to allow users to slap stickers on their images. Users can also go through and have fun with any audio that they recieve, and can also play with Allo’s notification channels, however, this feature is available only if your device works on Android O. Also, it seems that a promotional tagline will accompany images that you share from Allo, however, it also seems that deleting the tagline just before sharing would not be that big an issue.

The highlight feature of the update comes with the code part of the update, and this is a web client and message translation. Starting with the former, the code reveals that you will be able to cancel access for other devices, and whether the device is actually yours or not, does not actually matter. Another thing which might be noted is that you can use QR codes to speed up the sign-in process on devices which are not logged into your Google account.

And if you are wondering about the translation bit, it seems as if you will only need to long press a message, and the translation option can easily be selected. So, what this basically means is that Allo will not itself translate messages, you will have to do it yourself.


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