Google apologizes for Youtube but for what!

Google apologizes for Youtube but for what!
Google apologizes for Youtube but for what!

Google apologizes. Well Youtube experienced a major outage last week which somewhat affected the subscription services of YouTube Tv and YouTube Music. Its been revealed that YouTube and its related assets were down for nearly two hours causing a dismay amongst the community which is YouTube. It was however restored and operational after two hours and now Google has come forward in apologizing to the affected YouTube Tv subscribers by offering a free week of credit.

While the service is without any doubt becoming a major stakeholder in the online-streaming platform with YouTube TV gathering about 300,000 paying subscribers in the less than a year. It has not been without the company suffering such outages.

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Google went on to state that “We are sorry about the unexpected YouTube Tv interruption which occurred on the 16th of October” and says that note to the subscribers “ We love our Tv as much as you do , and our goal is to make sure that you can access your events and shows – whenever and however you want and to help make this right , we would like to give you a week of free service”

The credit will seem to be $10 and is only available to be claimed by 11:50 Pm PT on Wednesday October 24th. Furthermore the subscribers will need to however fill a form which is supposedly emailed to them by Youtube TV to the users of this subscription. It has been revealed that this email was sent last week. Furthermore it seems Youtube have knack for this type of a thing. It is actually the second time that Youtube has suffered a blow quite like this. The first time being during the World Cup Football games where users were once again outraged with not being able to access YouTube TV.


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