Google’s effort to bolster security now goes on to include more clearer and more trustworthy account security alerts, along with greater control over location, as well as improved anonymity as far as Assistant goes.

Indeed the search engine giant is now looking on to roll out redesigned security alerts that would make an appearance inside its various apps. The warnings are not only “high visibility” but also are resistant to spoofs – as you will now not have to worry that an email or indeed a system notification is tricking you into handing over sensitive details. The feature will be subject to availability over the course of the coming weeks and will be available more widely next year.

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Also, as far as your whereabouts are concerned, you will also be able to keep these under the wraps. Google is in fact adding an option to manually edit your location history in your time-line. You will have the opportunity to indeed add or edit places that you have visited with “just a few taps.” This could in turn improve the accuracy of your location data but it could also be useful in the case where you don’t want to reveal your home or office.

On the other hand, Google assistant is adding a guest mode in the coming weeks as well. If and when this is turned on, the commands won’t be associated with a Google account. This could in turn be useful for everyday purposes such as researching a special gift or indeed asking an embarrassing question and could be all the more useful if you’re afraid that in the case where intruders compromise your account, they might learn the finer details of your day to day life.

Important to note is the fact that the security alerts as well as the other measures won’t by themselves stop Google account hacks or phishing scams.


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