After the Pixelbook was released last year by Google, it came with a new and exciting feature for many – coming along with the Google Assistant. While it was expected that after this initial step, this feature of Google assistant would follow to other models, to other Chromebook, however, there hasn’t been any news of such as of yet. Google itself went on to say that this feature would eventually be on the other models, perhaps the upcoming models, but like I said before, there hasn’t been news of such just as yet. Thankfully though, the Google assistant feature is still in the works, still in development, and it seems that it is nearly ready for implementation.
So you might be wondering what gives me such an idea? Well, the all too well know Chrome unboxed found evidence with regards to the Google assistant. In accordance to them, this evidence gives the suggestion of an assistant icon being added to the Chrome OS app launcher. It was revealed by the commits on the chromium Gerrit that users will actually have the power to perhaps enable, or disable the assistant, and if you want proof for yourself, then go and have a look at a prompt by visiting chrome://assistant-option on the Dev channel. Indeed if you decide to go and have a look for yourself, then don’t be disappointed if you can’t do anything, because it’s supposed to be like that – it doesn’t actually do anything, for now that is.
While many were beginning to think that this assistant would never actually come, it’s quite good to see that the assistant for other Chromebooks is still being worked on. The Google assistant is quite popular of course, and so it is exciting to see exactly how Google would integrate the assistant to work in the Chromebooks. There is a suggestion of the possibility that Google would actually talk about the assistant at the company’s upcoming event, which is planned for October. However, take it with a grain of salt, because that is pretty much only speculation; nothing concrete. And talking about speculation, any suggestion of the assistant on the internet, with regards to the upcoming features, or indeed when it actually arrives on the Chromebooks is just based on rumors, so it would be smart just wait and see because at this moment, we don’t know what to expect. For all we know, there just might be a new feature on the horizon. So yes, exciting times are ahead, and it’d be best just to wait and see.


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