It is said that China is reportedly set to launch an antitrust investigation with respect to Google’s dominance in the mobile operating system space. In accordance with what a latest report has suggested, the search engine giant could face an antitrust probe as early as this month, as trade tensions between both the US and China continue. It has also been noted that Huawei has in fact motivated the investigation.

Of course as you might have already imagined, the key to the probe is likely to be Huawei’s treatment by the US companies like Google in light of the ongoing trade ban. Indeed Huawei has seen its Google support for Android diminished, leaving it without Google services in key devices in markets beyond that of China.

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Nonetheless, the report actually suggests that China may in fact probe Google’s market position in this regard, which could end up causing immense damage to other Chinese firms that actually rely on Google’s OS and other properties. The sudden cessation of Google support, services and apps isn’t at all necessarily an issue for companies that operate exclusively in China, however, it could indeed leave the many Chinese companies that carry out business internationally at a disadvantage.

The claim is that if the investigation does indeed begin, China will actually look at Google’s previous probes by EU and Indian lawmakers. For now though, it isn’t exactly clear so as to what the country’s ruling would require if Google is indeed found guilty of wrongdoing. It is also very likely that China would in fact want to protect its Android phone OEMs from facing similar issues to Huawei.

Google of course though in this respect, is no stranger to antitrust lawsuits. Indeed it faced a massive $5 billion fine from EU back in 2018, amongst other situations where it has found itself in similar troubles.


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