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Google Duo will soon add the Group chat and the low light mode as features for the application

Now Google does not have a particularly good history, when it comes to their messaging applications, with their version of a message transmission platform not deemed to be one of the most suitable ones. In simple words they have faced quite a lot of problems when it comes to their messaging application. They have had to discontinue a lot of their promising messaging services due to several reasons concerning their overall structure of the application. Moreover, the Google’s video chatting application the Google Due has been an anomaly amongst the mess and the video calling app recently reached over a billion downloads on its Play Store and has been a major success in the company’s history and has established itself as a consumer-worthy application.

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Moreover, recent leaks regarding the app shows that Google has been in the works of establishing some new features for its uber-popular app. Leaked screenshots of the app have shown the “group calling” feature and also a “low light” mode on it. Firstly, in accordance with the group calling feature,  the application shows that up to 8 people(7 guest and one yourself) can be able to talk with each other simultaneously. An option of ‘create a group’ is available which will allow the users of the app to select the people that they wish to talk with along with the name of the particular group.

Moreover, some of the other screenshots, show us a small but a very much appreciated feature which will allow users to call their Home devices but it is still unclear when these features will be made available for download or upgrade, but it seems that users will not have to wait much since the images already show that the testing stages for the features have already begun, it’s only a matter of time before they reach the mass public.

Google Duo will soon add the Group chat and the low light mode as features for the application

Moving on, another noted feature is the low light feature mode which will basically tweak the user’s video so that others can see him better during night time video conferencing. The app will work in low light conditions and will prompt the user to switch to low light mode and claims that this feature will automatically adjust the video in the dark room conditions.


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