Combining Google Duo into Meet was intended to simplify the process. It was created to bring the sense of order and clarity to a company that thought too much and made the process complicated. The firm revamped Duo in the form of Meet and also added Meet’s capabilities earlier this month. Meet was the original application. It was changed to “Meet (Original).” It was a well-known headline.

Duo’s name change isn’t satisfied many of its users. Google has included the original Duo logo and name as an distinct shortcut for the launcher of an app to that of the Android Meet app. Duo launches Google Meet. Two ways to use the same application.

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Google has informed 9to5Google as well as Droid Life that it did this to ensure that users can begin meeting through Googling”Duo “Duo” This shows that Google has lost track of its plan in relation to these services.

The Duo shortcut could facilitate the transition however it can also cause more confusion, particularly because Google suggests the use of Meet for video meetings and calls. So, no longer? Same app, only with the same icons but with two different names. If you launch multitasking after the launch of Meet by using it with the Duo shortcut, the Duo icon will be at the the top of the screen:


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