When you think about regular, occasional and swift software updates, Android phones except the Pixel are the last things that come to your mind right? Well, that has been the case for almost a decade now. Google has been releasing yearly versions of its Android operating system, but the devices have lacked the urgency to get the latest software and the consumers suffer from outdated devices.

Now, Google is fed up with the OEMs and has decided to do something about this. It has given dates for respective operating systems after which it would not be approving any devices running the designated operating system. The dates include Android versions 4 and later, starting from November 1, no new Android 4.0 devices will be released, which is a surprise that they still exist consider how much time it has been to Ice-cream sandwich.

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For the Android version that currently most devices use, being the Android 9.0 PIE, the date that has been given is January 31st, after which no new device would be approved of running Android PIE and it will be a requirement to opt for Android Q or have no Android at all.

This is a great initiative from Google. This would be the only department that Apple takes away when it comes to software, as Apple is very frequent with its updates and does not let people wait. On the contrary, Android devices spend years without any updates and that’s mainly because of the negligence of the manufacturers of the smartphones who prioritize the launch of new phones more than keeping the support for older phones. Google has now made sure that software is given equal importance and that OEMs use the latest that Google has to offer rather than launching devices with the same old software

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