It is expected that 2019 will be a great year for the smartphone world, as the foldable smartphones will make their debuts in this year. After the announcement of the FlexPai foldable smartphone by the California based company Royole Corporation, both Samsung and Huawei are soon expected to unveil their first ever foldable phones, and go on to make them mainstream. It is expected that LG too will be part of the list – coming amongst the smartphone companies to unveil a foldable smartphone, however, as far as the talk for LG goes, it is expected that the company will go on to launch their foldable smartphone only in the second half of 2019. Going along the lines of a tipster, Google too will join the club, and the company will go ahead and unveil its first foldable phones going under the Pixel Lineup. The rumors with regards to Google’s foldable smartphone go on to state that the phone is currently in development, however, as far as the launch goes, there isn’t actually any official schedule. And to be very honest, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that Google’s foldable phone would be debut any time soon.

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Coming from the most reliable sources present, it will take a long while before Google finally goes on to launch its foldable device. It’s possible that we might have to wait as long as two generations from now for Google to finally make its move.

Google first foldable phone?

As of now, the only foldable smartphone announced is the FlexPai coming from Royole Corporation, and the phone goes on to pack the all new Octa-core Snapdragon 855 chipset belonging to Qualcomm, which happens to be the very best mobile SoC coming from Qualcomm for the mobile phone market. It is also worth mentioning that Samsung has already gone on to unveil the Infinity Flex display, which will be in the Korean manufacturer’s upcoming Galaxy F phone, and this phone in particular is expected to be launched around the time of March.


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