So Google are a major company in the field of technology, who would believe that this company initially started with a search engine software on the web which inspired millions and gave access of information to so, so many people. The company have also been pretty decent in the field of mobile phone’s developing phones with some amazing cameras and constantly innovating. Now after major companies such as  Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Motorola, Google have also decided to get on the bandwagon and race against the major OEM’s as they look all set and readyto introduce Google’s first foldable device..


The company have decidedto follow up on the new trend, Google have already published a patent application whichshows users a foldable phone with a relatively simpler design as compared to the ones launched by the aforementioned companies.Moving on, accordingto the patent revealed, it shows users that the phone will come with a single inward fold. The fold will carry some certain space in between the two sides at the hinge and will be bent at the minimum required radius, which is necessary to do in accordancewith the folding technology whichis currently available. Users would be keen to noticethat this is quite similar to the Microsoft surface book.

Furthermoreas of the moment, it is not possible to predict when the device will come to the market as not much information has been revealed by Google as yet, but with Google, we can always expect a relatively early release to cope with market competition. Finally, users should also know that the first patent of a particular mobile device on many occasionsdoes notindicate, how the final design will come out like. So hold on to your seats people, Google’s foldable phone is coming!


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