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The Google Hangouts are not Shutting Down, They are just being Rebranded!

Well if you are not already aware then you should know that the Google Hangouts is the Google chatting application. The application first appeared in phones in the year 2013. Now a report which appeared, stated that the Google hangouts will shut down in 2020 after only 7 years in the market which was, honestly? Expected! But it is now been revealed that the application will not be shut down but instead will be rebranded.

Now we know why people may have gotten the wrong idea, as many would think that Hangouts being shut down was the right course of action and that Shut down is well a shut down, moreover generally, Hangouts is considered dead to most people. Now the reason for the rebranding could be, well Hangouts does do its job relatively well especially when it comes to video conferencing with outside participants.

Google began the rebranding process two years ago and in 2017 two new composite services were announced namely, the Hangouts Chats and the Hangout Meet. The Hangout Chats brings an messaging input for the users and provides a messaging system to G Suite Locked down with Google Vault and secured to ISO, GDPR and HIPAA certifications while the Hangouts Meet gives businesses a secure but simplified way to hold conference calls and video chats with employees and outside participants no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Hangouts Meet on G Suite Enterprise works with computers and smartphones, and even features a call-in phone number, and speaking from experience, that call-in number can be a lifesaver on an important team call. G Suite even sells Hangouts Meet Hardware with cameras, dedicated speakermics, and touch-panel video displays, which are self-diagnosing when something goes wrong with a call.

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Moreover all the emphasis that is being put on the business, well make it appear as if the user access to the Hangouts will go away, but we do not believe that is going to be happening any time soon either. Hangouts is still one of the most consistent applications out there, believe it or not!

As of the moment, the Hangouts Chat and Meet are considered to be G suite only, but Scott Johnson who is the current product leader of the Google Hangouts, believes that these will not just be enterprise products. Moreover the likely outcome is that the Hangouts will end up quite like the Google Keep which is a part of the G suite but is widely used as a part of the Google Drive category.

Finally when the Hangouts migrates the classic users to the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet they will continue to see the benefits and improvements the way the company sees it because if Google want to keep hold of G Suite consumers then they will have to significantly improve the Google Hangouts and they have to make it work and hence compete with other such platforms!


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