Google has released an annual security patch for Pixel phones that run Android 13 during the month of September.

Security patches for Pixel phones promises to resolve some of the issues that are frequently that are caused from Android 13.

Google launched Android 13 for its Pixel line of smartphones last month. It promised to address the issue of more than 150 bug, while making some additions. Some of these bugs have been fixed in the latest patch.

Security patches for September address issues with the user interfaceissues, Bluetooth connectivityand battery longevity issues.

Some Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners were concerned about battery drain after upgrading the device to Android 13. Google’s latest update appears to have solved the problem.

The update addresses the issue in which background processes can increase the consumption of batteries. So, users can look forward to a patch for growing battery drain.

The wireless charging feature on the Pixels was a major issue during it’s Android 13 release.¬†After users upgraded their Google Pixel devices to Android 13 and noticed that wireless charging was no longer working.

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The latest version of the software fixes the issue that could prevent wireless charging from working under certain circumstances. As a result, wireless charging in Pixel smartphones will now work in the way it was intended.

Its fingerprint scanner on Pixel 6a was a serious problem since it could not function and did not unlock the device with fingerprints that were not registered.

The issue has been fixed with the latest update the update, with Google affirming that recognition and response are now better.

There’s also a fix to Bluetooth that prevents some Bluetooth devices from connecting.

The issue with the user interface that alerts could not be properly visible on lock screens also has been solved.

Beginning today, Pixel phones that run Android 13 will start receiving the September 2022 security update.

The update won’t be released to the Pixel 6a, which is one of the Android 13-compatible handsets until the end of this month.


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