Google is working on introducing Lens to everyone, regardless of whether they’re happy with it or not. While the tool for image analysis and search is extremely helpful on mobile devices for copying text or translation of bits and bits as well as for scan QR codes, its use on the desktop is less certain — particularly in the context of replacing Google Images’ reverse-image searching capabilities that were previously available. 

This is exactly what Google has been doing and it’s a good thing, as Google Images now defaulting to Google Lens when you upload an image instead of the search for similar images or sources.

If you go to Google Images, if you visit the Google Images website you’ll see you will see that the Lens icon is now taking over the position that is between the voice search and magnifying glass icons (via 9to5Google). When you click it, you will be presented with an interface that allows you to add and remove images onto your computer or copy an image link. The image will be accompanied by a the description that says you can “Search every image using Google Lens.” Once you’ve uploaded an image, you’re directed to lens.

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To access the old reverse-image search feature You must select the “Find Image Source” shortcut that is located at on the upper right of the page. This will take you to the traditional image searching interface. This is an additional step for people who usually use this method, however it’s possible to be the case that Google Lens’ capabilities will be more beneficial for the majority of users in other situations.

Google Lens has also long since replaced the right-click function that allows you to reverse image searches using the context menu in Chrome. In this case, you’ll need to click an additional button to access the standard web search interface for searching the source of the image.


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