Google, in the latest turn of events, has quitely gone on to ditch one of the flagship photography pictures that happens to be based within the company’s pixel hardware. And in doing that, the search-engine giant hasn’t even explained why.

Neither the Pixel 5 nor the Pixel 4a 5G owners now have the option to use the ultra-wide camera to shoot pictures of the stars. Why? Well, Google has quietly decided to disable this particular feature in an update which was subject to being rolled out to all Pixel owners worldwide just last month.

Silently includes as part of the company’s Camera 8.1 update, it was actually rolled out back in November and this particular change now means that astrophotography now only happens to be available on the main wide-angle camera. Taking into consideration the fact that this feature was one of the main selling points of the Pixel 4, it is really strange to see Google seemingly taking a step backwards with its two follow-up devices in the Pixel 4a 5G and the Pixel 5.

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Both of these phones launched with the ability to use astrophotography mode with the ultra-wide which goes on and allows users to squeeze more into the viewfinder. And now of course, this capability is gone.

In order to use the astrophotography feature, you’ll actually need to lay your pixel on the ground or indeed rig-up a tripod. This is because the camera actually needs to be completely still before it can actually begin to pick out the stars from the rest of the frame. Much like Night Sight, it will also go on and illuminate trees, buildings or indeed other objects in the scene without actually relying on a harsh flash in order to light them.


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