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Google helps Levi’s make a $350 “smart jacket”

Google helps Levi’s make a $350 “smart jacket”. If someone says that technology is bringing new trends to fashion industry, you might be thinking of a person wearing computer in form of clothing, and that is not an exaggerated imagination because with tech in fashion it is possible to make you wear a jacket computer.

You might have heard of Levi Strauss & Co., a clothing manufacturer that has partnered with Google to create a smart jacket. Though, being a tech reader, you might be aware that the word smart is often used to describe actions controlled by a computer, what makes this jacket ‘smart’ is washable technology added to the cuff (the cloth that encircles the wrist).

Head of the smart clothing project for Google is Ivan Poupyrev who says that, “When somebody calls you, your jacket vibrates and gives you lights and [you] know somebody is calling you.”

With this smart jacket, a touch on the cuff could provide directions to help you get to where you need to go.

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 Also, the jacket can play music when combined with a mobile phone, headphones & a small piece of removable computer hardware.

According to Paul Dillinger of Levi Strauss & Co., thus jacket makes you get the most important features of the phone without even taking your eyes off the road.

You might be wondering about the price line of the product, so it is worth mentioning that the Levi’s jacket which is just one step towards smart clothing is available on the Internet for for $350.

Google is on the way to work with its partners from fashion industry to help them make their products connected, Poupyrev has explained this fact to us in addition to revelation of of Google’s plans to use the technology for any kind of clothing.

What do you imagine in your future clothing when considering the fashion industry emerged with tech giants like Google? No doubt your thoughts might seem crazy at the time you share with us but they will be proved to be true in the future, so don’t shy and let us know what’s going on in your minds after knowing about smart jacket.



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