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Google Home to soon support Bluetooth music streaming

Google Home is now serving up an update, to enhance the manner in which you listen to music. With this update, you will be able to use your Google Home as a more typical Bluetooth speaker, meaning that audio streaming via your Android or iOS smartphone would be now possible. According to some sources, the functionality is rolling out with firmware version 90387, and this means that having a Google-cast enabled device would no longer be a requirement in order to stream the music of your desire.

Even though the audio quality of the Google Home is very impressive, and the hardware present in the device is perfectly set up for Bluetooth connectivity, it came as a rather surprising, as well as a disappointment to see that the device was limited in Bluetooth connectivity since its release, last November. Many, while reviewing the product initially thought that these limitations regarding Bluetooth were an obvious downside to the product, and so this additional feature means that buying the product would be more tempting than ever.

It is true that even though the Amazon Echo has had Bluetooth connectivity for a much longer time than the Google Home, one should also consider the latest research, because according to latest research, it was found that the Google Home is six times more likely to answer a question correctly, when compared to the Amazon Echo.

The competition between the Amazon Echo and the Google Home is stiffening up as time progresses, as well as the other speaker companies that are trying to make their mark on the market. So this can come only as good news for the customers, as more and more good and improved features are likely to show up, in a bid for the companies to make their mark, and develop a dominance in the household speaker market.



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