Google for Jobs to Show Salaries and Location-Based Results

Google for Jobs to Show Salaries and Location-Based Results
Google for Jobs to Show Salaries and Location-Based Results

 Google , product manager Nick Zakrasek, for the jobs search platform, claimed on Wednesday  in a blog post,

“We all know the job hunt can be stressful, so Google is here to help. We review every piece of feedback we receive, and we’ll continue to add tools to help make the job search easier for you,”.

To make job search easier, Google has announced a significant update for its job search platform “Google for Jobs”. The update offers access to salary information for job positions and improved location settings and job application choices.

The platform was introduced back in May and now it is being claimed to have connected tens of millions of job seekers to new opportunities and seen 60 % more employers presenting  their openings via it.

A job search does often include salary as a parameter to judge whether an opportunity is worthy to proceed. However, according to Google, salary information is missing from more than 85% of job postings in the US alone. That’s why Google is adding estimated salary ranges to its job search platform.

The salary ranges will be based on specific job titles, locations and their employers – that all will be drawn from sources like Glassdoor, PayScale, LinkedIn, and Paysa among some  others.

For the very jobs already having a salary listed, Google’s platform would be showing a comparison to the estimated range for that very position.

Google for Jobs in addition to salary information will now include a Location filter to help you find jobs that are nearby.

 The platform will assist you finding a range of distances, from 2 miles up to 200 miles or anywhere else to give you the flexibility to pick a suitable match for your brighter career.

Google’s team that has been dedicated to its job search offering has eased the way you apply for a job by offering you multiple places to fill in your application.

This means you do not require to do another research to find a professional site to apply for, like Monsters or Career Builder, having searched a relevant opportunity.

Google for Jobs is also adding a ‘Saved jobs’ tab to help you keep the best suitable options at a safe place. This new ability will be available after a couple of weeks across all devices that support internet access.

Users can submit their experience with the new update by clicking the ‘Feedback’ button below any of the new features.

However, till now there is no word on the availability of Google for Jobs in markets other than the US.

Google is going to test the platform for some more time before making it accessible throughout the world.


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