Google is strongly working on schemes for hitting the big population market with low cost strategy. In this regard, recently it has ventured and is making partnership with several smartphone manufacturers in India to launch low-cost smartphones running Android Oreo Go which is a light-weight version of Android Oreo for low specs smartphones.

The best thing about these phones will be its cost which is approximately Rs. 2,000 for a piece. On regular basis, a 4G-enabled smartphone in India costs roughly Rs. 6,400. This is a huge cut in prices which wouldn’t have been feasible without the partnership with Google.

Android Oreo Go is a Google’s operating system (OS) that is different from others like ‘Android Oreo’ and it doesn’t need a heavy hardware, RAM and storage to run.

After this initiative it would be easy for Indian smartphone vendors to help people in a bid to get access for fast internet with no trouble via these 4G-enabled low-cost smartphones. According to FactorDaily,

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“From a monthly consumption of 20 crore GB of data about 16 months ago, Indians now consume over 150 crore GB a month making the country No. 1 among mobile data consuming countries.”

Apart from Android Oreo Go, Google is anticipated to launch the basic version of its other significant applications too so that they can be used in low-priced smartphones.

According to Google’s official, the company is directly working with developers’ community to acquire their applications optimized for Go version.

Sundar Pichai said at IIT Kharagpur earlier today.

 “We at Google want to focus on usage of Internet in rural areas in India. We are big supporters of the Digital India program. We are also working on digitising payments and I am fully confident that India will be a global player in terms of digital economies”.

Over the past few months, Google has launched some applications for rising markets; among these applications, datally is noteworthy which allows users to maintain a track on their data usage.

In addition to India, Pakistan is also a vital market for Google as it has yet to embrace smartphones.

Google is broadly working in India in a bid to attract their lower-affordability segment of market on Android. It is pertinent to mention here that Google’s annual profit in India is more than one billion dollars.


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