Google the giant of technology now offers Google hire service for the potential employers and employees to search their perfect match.

Rozee, Jobee and many other online businesses have made job hunting so easy in Pakistan. A high-class international player also managed to let the professionals get together on a platform and connect together. But job hunting is also possible through social media as it plays a vital role in this regard.

A new website by Google which is not still announced but its website is working live now providing different companies opportunities to enlist their job vacancies and manage to accept user applications. It was also rumored that company would be sharing users browsing data but the company has not accepted this claim.

 Though it is not confirmed that when the website will be officially available but it is no doubt that working would not take too long time.

Google Hire would have to offer better incentives to companies and users to compete with the other job portals working in Pakistan.


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