Google Maps recently added a support for game developers as now they will be able to use Google Maps data for their games. It means that AR-based games like Pokemon Go will now be a lot easier to make with the help of Google Maps.

From now on, Google Maps will now be available for game developers who want right to use of map data.

You must have heard about Pokemon Go and how it turned your surroundings into a playground.The game was a hit and played all across the world and we all witnessed the craziness of people about this game. The game used an AR-based map and in which had to move around to play it.

The game bring into play map data which was compiled by the developer’s themselves and surely, is not real-time and not as good compared to Google Maps. Hence, making such a game requires a lot of resources and effort.

Dev Kits for Easy Access

Now, after this initiative taken by Google developers will not have to face this issue anymore in the upcoming years, because Google has determined to make their Map-platform’s real-time data public and open to all developers.

Apart from it, Google will also provide software development kits for developers in order to run their games without difficulty. Moreover, developers can use map data in order to make games around gadgets.

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The purpose of these kits is to translate the Map data into the game engines such as Unity directly turning into easier process.

Addition of real life objects into games

After this process, developers will be capable to get used to real buildings and landmarks within the Map data into 3D objects which can be operated as needed.

For instance, a real building can be turned into a safe house or a point of interest which, say, triggers an event within the game.

In a nutshell, now developers can focus more on designing their games and game play instead of writing codes to develop a “map” foundation for the game.

However, Thanks to Google for this move as now we can witness more real-time location games developed by creators of all sizes and proficiency.


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