Google moves Calendar and Assistant reminders to Tasks

Google moves Calendar and Assistant reminders to Tasks

Google Assistant has been able to recall things for you for quite some time. It will notify you when that you have asked for it, and can program the program to notify you after a specific period of time.

Google Tasks came out later and offered similar features, however it was difficult to keep the track of all your reminders.

In its latest blog, “The Keyword,” Google states that it is preparing to transfer every reminder sent to its customers into Google Tasks.

In the near future, all reminders created through Google Calendar and Google Assistant will be delivered directly to Google Tasks app, where they will be viewed as well as arranged and managed.

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Google claims that you can create tasks with Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Calendar. This is applicable to Google’s mobile and online apps.

“In the months ahead,” when you use Google Assistant to set a new reminder, a pop-up will show up on your smartphone or computer asking you to create Google Tasks.

If you haven’t done so you’re at the point that you’ll see your assistant reminders added to Tasks.

Google Tasks are available within Gmail, Calendar, Chat and Google Drive on PC, or on iOS and Androi


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