In the race of advancement, how can Google deny to improve its services for internet users? The implication of new features in the need of the survival for software companies to update their services in accordance with the technology that moves ahead day by day. In 2016, Google launched the voice command function for finding out the history or search data that you can perform on your account.

In this perspective, users feel comfortable instead of remembering the URLs and exact path of their search engine.According to this facilitation, users impress a lot with new dimensions of Google and admired enough that this time Google increase this action for more other options. In the previous examination, the saying shows my Google account is enough to find out the exact formulation in an accurate sense.

Now the features of Google team introduce four new voice commands in new dimensions.

That is related to the Google account, privacy, and search history and security settings. Which are now a far upon a voice call just? This amazing feature increases the interest of the users in the context of Google preference.  Here company launches specific wording or sentence in the same manner like history command.

In which if you are going to move in security setting then say Adjust my Google security setting and if you move for privacy then say Adjust my Google privacy setting and for the account setting you should rely on this phrase that Open Google accounts setting. These commands make the usage of internet easier with respect to the other sites usage. These features increase the reliability of the Google site as well present the technology norms in accordance to fast and modern society.


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