Edhi was the living angel on this Earth who acclaimed himself as an epitome of mercy and humanity. His philanthropist approach makes him known by everyone in this biosphere.

Mister Abdul Sattar Edhi created the world’s largest and scattered volunteer ambulance network. The Edhi Foundation’s slogan is: “Live and help live”

The beneficent on planet would be 89 if he was alive.

In his honor, Google changed its logo hailing the super service of Edhi in which Edhi sahib is standing and everything of his keen interest is being illustrated in the doodle; an animal, an ambulance, a book symbolizing importance of education and a woman holding her child. The doodle presents Edhi’s humblest connection with the creatures of Almighty and his practices towards them.

The doodle was presented in countries including: United States, Iceland, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Estonia, UK, Denmark, Ireland and Pakistan.

The Giant company says, “In celebration of Abdul SattarEdhi philanthropist, let’s all lend a hand to someone in need today,the doodle selection process aims to celebrate interesting events and anniversaries that reflect Google’s personality and love for innovation.”

Edhi preaches, “People have become educated, but have yet to become human,” and for this purpose he begged for funds and people bestowed him with the donations. This was the bridge for him to convert a little room into a dispensary. He took responsibility of his own purchased ambulance as a driver to carry patients for treatment.

All these immense efforts established the most humanitarian institute of the country gaining many volunteers.

Today, the Edhi Foundation runs hospitals, child adoption centres, old homes, animals rescue and rescue boats.

It also devotes its services in arranging funerals of anonymous bodies, with always remaining on the front side during any calamity.

Abdul Sattar Edhi laid cradles for unwanted babies outside the Edhi emergency.

The universe shall never forget this legend.



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