Even though there’s a huge bunch of features that are in possession of the Google phone app, one rather surprising omission is that of a dark theme. However, recent reports have surfaced, and these go on to suggest that the latest phone update might finally result in the dark theme making its entry to the app.

It’s actually quite ironic that the mode was found on the previous version of the phone app, even though the dark theme version on that was extremely buggy. There were a range of problems actually, these including the likes of text which was not color-inverted to stand out against the dark background and also a white-to-gray gradient, which was a problem that occurred near the top of some of the screens.

However, now it seems that such problems are a thing of the past. The dark theme found on the latest phone update seems to suggest that these problems are extinct. And while the problems won’t be occurring now, the functionality, as it seems, remains quite similar across the two phone versions. Now I know that even with the update, more or less the functionality is the same, but still, credit where due – at least Google took out the dark theme issues before it hands out the updates.

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Some other stuff has now been know too – the phone app will see whether or not you have battery saver enabled, and based on that, will suggest to switch on the dark theme. The dark theme also does no feature those deep blacks we see and have come to expect from OLED displays, however, the pixels are now indeed darker.

The phone app also will be able to migrate any blocked number to some of the other apps. What this means is that Android messages might be able to have the authority to block messages which have been sent from blocked numbers. Something like this means that video apps like the Google Duo might also have the blocked numbers list, even if such apps have their own lists.


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