Google Photos App Now Presents Chat for Users

Google Photos App

Just recently, it was revealed that users would have the authority to upload their Facebook photos and videos to Google photos. Now even more recently, Google has announced a feature which goes on to add even more reason for using its photo management service, as the company has announced that users will possess the option to chat within the Google Photos app – as if we already did not have enough options, right?

Now, whenever a user happens to share a photo or perhaps a video while using the Google Photos app, the user will have the option to add the photo or video to an ongoing conversation in the app where they will also have the access to easily like and comment. Also, users will be given the functionality of saving photos and videos from these conversations to their very own gallery – without there being any loss in image quality.

Of course, while such a feature gives users an additional chat option, it is in no way a substitute for your existing chat app, and all conversations are private. The fact that Google has introduced the option within the app goes on to promise more encouragement with regards to users finding their way into sharing photos with close family and friends more often now. All in all, one can say that this new feature is just a subtle usability tweak to the app!

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While the feature has just been announced, some might have thought that it would take some time before different users will have the opportunity to get their hands on it. However, contrary to this, the chat feature is actually gradually rolling out over the course of next week, and will go on to work across Android, iOS as well as web apps.


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