Of course, it doesn’t take a mastermind to understand that after the first-class start, Google will be eager to use the gained energy and one-up itself and the rivalry in 2017 with the second generation of Pixel devices. At this time, we are not sure if we will get 2 or 3 new handsets as we’re hearing contradictory rumors about the accurate number, but it’s certain that Pixel fans will catch their fix in a couple of months’ time.

Initially, we’ve been hearing unconfirmed report that Google’s working on a small number of devices: a so-called “Walleye” to be successful the Pixel, a Pixel XL successor dubbed “Muskie”, as well as a third, larger, all-new phone rolling under the “Taimen” moniker. We’ve been listening to these rumors for a couple of months, but the latest one that sounds pretty reasonable wants to slice them to pieces – it tries to prove to us that Google has scrapped the idea of releasing a whole lot of three new devices and has allegedly opted for launching “merely” two phones sometimes this fall. According to the buzz, Muskie has been scrapped in support of the Taimen, which is meekly fascinating due to a number of reasons, all of which will be addressed below.

As we know last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL were the outcomes of a partnership between Google and HTC, which had the accountability of truly manufacturing the devices. Rumor has it LG has been chosen as this year’s contractor for the second-gen Pixel, which is not surprising us at all – Google and LG have a long and fruitful history of collaborating with the Nexus family of devices.

It’s worth to be noted that with the Pixel series, Google has bursting creative power over its phones’ design. Pixels and Pixel XL were not based on a pre-existing design, so we without a doubt we shouldn’t be expecting this year’s Pixels to be boring ringers of the LG G6.


The smaller upcoming Google handset is projected to brag a 5-inch screen, while the larger phone is supposedly having a bigger screen than the 5.5-inch Pixel XL, most likely a 5.6- or a 5.7-inch ordeal.


Being Google’s personal phones, the next-gen Pixels are predictably going to display the next version of Android, which is at the present only known as “O”, no doubt about it.

Price & release date

Judging from all the past releases of Google hardware, we are looking forward to an early-fall announcement for the Pixel 2 and the bigger Taimen handset. Google has the routine of hosting its hardware-centric keynotes in the October-November window.

As far as outlay is concerned, we don’t suppose any shock – Google’s next-gen Pixels are going to have a similar price tag to last year’s Pixels typically due to the lack of information so far. The 32GB version of the Pixels cost $649 initially, while the 32GB of the Pixel XL was priced at $769.


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