With the launch of the Google Pixel 5 underway we found that the new phone does not bring any major updates to its camera hardware and while many may say that Pixel camera is really good, many users were expecting some sort of upgrades in the new device and were left somewhat disappointed with no additions to the camera hardware. The only major difference that we find in the new Pixel device is that the former 2x telephoto zoom camera which was used in the Pixel 4 has been replaced with a 16MP ultrawide camera, other than that, nada, nothing, zero. 

But with a new update set to be released from Google, the Pixel 5 is about to get quite a lot of new software and AI features and an all-new photo editing tool which is set to be coming to all Android phones. Google has promised to deliver clearer and sharper photos with the new HDR+  exposure feature. The feature in question has been used by Google in their devices since the first Pixel, so we can only expect incremental upgrades with the new Pixel 5. In addition to that, the new Pixel devices will also let you take portrait shots through Night Sight, which means that the camera will be able to create a pretty nice  AI background blur effect even with little or no lighting. 

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The new photo editing tool has been dubbed as the Portrait Light which will be coming to the Google Photos which will enhance the subject’s face in dim lighting with a mere single touch. You may also manually choose where to add the light into the subject and since it is a Google Photos feature, it will roll out to older Pixels and other Android phones. As far as the video quality is concerned, Google has added three new stabilization modes which will help you keep your videos steady, locked, active, and cinematic Pan. Cinematic Pan, as the name says, has been inspired by Hollywood movie grade cinematography. This feature records videos at 60FPS and slows them down 2x to create a cinematic result.


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