Google Pixel 5 Set For 120Hz Display?

Google Pixel 5 Set For 120Hz Display

Google finally went on to launch the Pixel 4a this week after what followed months and months of delays as well as leaks. The search giant also made use of the occasion to confirm that it will soon be launching both the Pixel 4a 5G as well as the Google Pixel 5 : both of which are set for a fall launch.

And now, it has been reported by a display insider via a tweet that one of these two phones that are set for launch soon by Google will feature with a large screen as well as one of which will be 120Hz capable.

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One would have to imagine that the more likely to get a 120Hz display from amongst the two mentioned would have to be the Google Pixel 5 – due to the fact that the phone will be Google’s proper flagship and also due to the fact that its predecessor packed a 90Hz display last year. Furthermore, the Pixel A series by Google happens to be for mid-range devices and as we all know, budget phones do tend to make their way with more the compromises. The prime example of such a thought process comes from Google itself when you consider that the Pixel 4a doesn’t even feature with a 90Hz screen – let alone a 120Hz one.

Also, if the screen specs are indeed on the side of being confirmed, it would indeed mean that the Google Pixel 5 would feature with a slightly larger display when compared to the Pixel 4 XL’s 6.3-inch panel. This will presumably be due to a punch-hole design – which will make its way and hence allow for a greater screen-to-body ratio. Rumors though have indicated that the Google Pixel 5 will actually have a smaller display when comparing with the Pixel 4a 5G. However, we can only wait and see for now so as to what the company has planned.


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