Many Pixel devices will be given a new functionality through Android 13. With the Pixel update, you’ll get new features as well as ways to make use of the features. If you’re feeling brave you can alter your Google Pixel 6 Pro resolution by using an upgrade to the Kirisakura kernel tweak.

Freak07 is a well-known XDA developer, and the one responsible for the Kirisakura kernel Modification to ensure that Pixel 6 Pro owners can alter the resolution to 1080p.

The switch has been added to the menu of choices. It is possible to be the case that Pixel 7 Pro will have this feature.

This was demonstrated by it in the Android 13 Beta release. Battery lifespan can be extended by this feature. This feature is available on Samsung phones and Honor phones come with.

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It’s not as straightforward as it appears to alter the resolution of devices that weren’t designed to be able to do it. There are issues with contrast, colour or brightness. Freak07 admits that he is aware this isn’t perfect.

In this version there is no double-tap feature in order to get up in addition to other things. In the moment it doesn’t remain in place after reboot. Instead, it reverts to 1440p.

It is possible to download the Kirisakura kernel modification is now available via XDA. While the forum does support the mods, it’s dangerous to install these mods. Before you proceed, make sure to take the time to read all of the information.


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