According to a most recent update, Google is now planning to employ machine learning algorithms to evaluate “performance data, user engagement and user rating” on the apps in the Play Store. Google will also reduce error containing and low performing apps, to bring to an end them for coming up in the listings.

By this process, it can be guaranteed that most of the visible apps on the Play Store, a lesser amount of them will crash, behave oddly or even request for more permissions than they should.

The search monster is previously using artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms into establishing the value and quality of an app but is now acting upon its reports to curate the Play Store.

Only just months ago, Google announced its “Android Excellence” program, which is truly an extension to what we named as “Editor’s Choice” on the Play Store. There are now a number of human curated categories of apps the Googlers can pinch every now and then to carry up apps they believe are first-class.

The only shortcoming of the new machine learning driven algorithm is that they may tend to act some extent separately, wherein developers have no way of knowing if their app is receiving downgraded and why it’s occurring.



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