Cyber crime is one of the basic reasons from the concern authorities to built check and balance in the usage of internet. The ratio of cyber crime increases day by day as per the usage of internet across the worlds. As old proverb depicts “Bees focused on the blossomed flowers” describes the situation in clear sense. Since the number of such infringe websites is increasing, so Google has to resolve the issues.

            According to the latest trend of the internet, the Software Company decided to establish the boundaries of the famous sites infringe copyrights to secure the upcoming difficulties. In order to tackle this instability, Google decided to remove the one million websites that are insufficiently working or indulge in improper social activities.


Highlighting the list of requests are websites for the White House, U.S. Department of Justice, and NASANetflix, the New York Times, and the BBC are just a few others privileged enough to be among the one million. Google also says it removed a staggering 2.13 billion URLs or individual pages. Atop that list is popular movie data site IMDb. Here, the point is that Google was asked more than 1,000 times to remove its URLs.

According to Google, the process for removing content is as follows:

  • A copyright owner sends Google a takedown notice.
  • If Google receives a complete request for removal, it will notify the administrator of the site.
  • The admin of the site may then file a counter notification.
  • Google makes the decision—if the copyright owner still believes the content is illegal they can take it to court.

This is the revolutionary step from software company if implies properly. It makes the worth of the websites of concerns departments and offices as well. The transparency level increases rapidly through this act and people feel more comfortable while using a website of any firm.


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