Google Play Store 31.7.16 rolling out

Google Play Store

It appears there is a possibility that Google seems to be trying to make some significant modifications to the Android application market. We are now in the beginning of August. The company is releasing its second update within the month of August for Android. The Google Play Store application, which will be available until 31.7.16.

It was a mere collision that Google removed the permissions for apps part of the Store and then reinstated it after user complaints. This move is a clear indication of the firm’s efforts to change Google’s Google Play Store.

The latest update doesn’t change or remove any features in the Android app store, but is designed to provide simple improvements and fixes to the app to give users a better experience.

Make sure that you Google Play Store is running over the 31.5.17 version This update is yours to download. You can access your Google Play Store app settings via the icon for your profile>then About the About tab.>>From here, you are able to examine the status of the update and download it and install it.

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Additionally, you can get an update to the Google Play Store 31.7.16 version directly from an unofficial provider: APKMirror.

Google Play Store does not show the version number of the app:

It appears that the Google Play Store now no extends the display of the app’s version under the section on application information. In the opinion of 9to5 Google the tag for app version is no longer displayed there.

The above mentioned activity was performed only with the mobile phone app. In addition both the Android TV and WearOS apps continue to display the version details.

When we looked into this missing app information in our mobile, we noticed that there was nothing new in the information about app versions. It’s still available in Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Our reliable source also said that this could be an issue that is not permanent in this Android interface. Also, this latest 31.7.16 version update help solve this problem.


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