Google’s ‘Project Wolverine’

pair of wearable earbuds Project Wolverine
As of now, Google happens to be working on two in-house wearable devices : the Pixel Buds as well as Glass Enterprise Edition, if we do actually exclude the Fitbit lineup. A new leak now goes on to reveal a device stemming from the company which will enable users to isolate audio so as to focus on a specific person or indeed source.

In accordance with what the source proceeds on to conclude, Google’s parent company in Alphabets X Moonshot Factory currently is in the works on a new wearable device which is codenamed as “Wolverine.” The product reportedly is focused on the enhancement of hearing abilities of its users.

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In accordance with what reports have been suggestive of, the project has in fact been in the works ever since 2018 and it actually lets users “focus on one particular speaker in a group setting with overlapping conversations.” This particular aspect is achieved via the aid of an in-ear device which is “packed with sensors” and microphones.

The device also makes way with other capabilities which are beyond that of just speech isolation, and the team happens to actively work on the expansion of its utility. However though, other applications of this new project haven’t exactly been spelled out by the team either.

It does nonetheless appear that project wolverine won’t just be limited to either a particular device or application and it seems to be the case where Google might end up turning this whole prospect into a business model. Alphabet’s X chief Astro Teller as well as Google co-founder in Sergey Brin have already been on the receiving end of early demos. Taking into consideration the fact that this project is still in its early stages as well as the fact that it happens to be rather similar to other such projects from Google, this one too in itself can be shelved if it does turn out to be the case where Google doesn’t end up forming a viable business plan.


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