Google Recorder Now Available On Older Pixel Devices

Google recorder

The Google recorder app made its way into the Pixel 4 and over the course of the past few months, the app has been subject to exclusivity with regards to only being available to the 2019 Pixel flagship smartphones. However, this now seems to have changed as the app is also available for older Pixel phones too.

It is reported that the previous versions of Google Pixel smartphones were not compatible with older Pixel devices – even if they were side-loaded. However, it is now said that the app works just as well with both the Pixel 2 as well as the Pixel 3 smartphones while it may be installed via the Google Play Store.

And while installing the Google recorder app through the Play Store is indeed possible now from the Play Store with regards to both the Pixel 3 as well as the Pixel 3a – some users have actually commented on the issue by stating that the app is not compatible with their device they try to install it via the Play Store.

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The fact that the recorder possesses the capabilities to transcribe a user’s audio recording via an on-device machine learning – is an ideal ordeal for journalists, bloggers as well as people who want meeting minutes. One thing lacking though is that the app doesn’t actually differentiate between speakers, and so we can hope that Google introduces this features soon enough too.

In any case regardless, it is good to see Google opening up the app for the rest of its flagship smartphones. One would imagine that it will one day also land on phones from third-party OEMs, but when that takes place isn’t really clear right now. For now though, if you own a Pixel device, head over to the Play Store and try the app yourself (if of course it is compatible in your region).


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