Google releases Chrome 63 for Android with bunch of new features

Google releases Chrome 63 for Android with bunch of new features
Google releases Chrome 63 for Android with bunch of new features

Google is all set to launch Chrome 63 as the tech giant has confirmed that the release of Chrome 63, though, the latest version of the browser is not yet offered at Google Play Store for download.

Apart from the fact that “Chrome 63” is making entry with a plenty of new features, however sadly the HDR video support for Android users is not included the list, as it was whispered earlier.

But at the moment, various performance and content improvements have been put into practice and executed successfully, along with some stability enhancements to overcome this issue. Google says.

Google is also in a bid to change push notification appearance, which will allow users to take action, according to their choice. The old banner which was used previously by Goggle that slid from the foot of the page was simply ignored, devoid of being noticed by users to take action. Many other improvements are also the part of new design.

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Flag pages are particularly redesigned by Chrome 63 which was earlier pretty similar to the desktop version. It has got a high-flying search feature, bigger and improved touch targets, and tabs to separate available or unavailable options.

As there are a number of users who access the chrome through their mobile devices and with the passage of time the figure increasing. So, in order to help sites to find out the total RAM on a user’s device for an optimized experience of browsing via a smartphone and for this purpose Device Memory JavaScript API has also been introduced to Chrome 63.

According to Google the latest update to Chrome 63 for Android devices will come up in new few weeks. As for now the intention of tech giant  is to  release it for a small number of people hence the new browser will roll out in stages.


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