Google releases Games Dashboard for Play Services, finally making the switch to Pixel 6a

Google releases Games Dashboard for Play Services, finally making the switch to Pixel 6a

Android 12. provided Pixel users a new and stylish Game Dashboard which offers basic gaming options, such as an FPS counter as well as live streaming for YouTubers. The dashboard was initially focused on Pixel phones. Google even included it as part of the UI system of the phones. It has now changed however. Google has begun the rollout of Game Dashboard as a part of Play Services to the Pixel 6 and, finally, to the Pixel 6a as well, which was launched in a bizarre manner without it. This opens the door for the dashboard to be made available to other devices than only Google’s own.

As noted from Mishaal Rahman Game Dashboard appears to be rolling out on Pixel devices as part Google Play Services version 22.30 or higher, however, only if they’re running Android 13.3 which is in beta. We’re able to confirm this on the Pixel 6 of our own. If you want to confirm that the switch on the dashboard towards Play Services has been made for you, check your system settings and check whether there’s an updated Game Dashboard section in the Google menu.

For performance, it doesn’t seem like any significant changes were made in comparison to the prior method. If you turn on the dashboard, you’ll be able to see that it’s a floating option whenever you play games.

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 It’s still packed with the standard, but restricted options. With the transition to Play Services, Google is making way for easier updates to the user experience for every supported Android versions, as well as, of course, the chance to allow Game Dashboard to come to other devices.

In actual fact, Google has confirmed to Android Police that Game Dashboard will be coming for the Google Pixel 6a when it’s running Android 13. With this, it’s kept its word on the assurance. Google has also stated in its changelog for July 2022 of the Play Services that the Dashboard will be available into “select devices” that run Android 13 however it hasn’t provided any further details beyond the fact that it will be available. It is likely that we will need to wait until Android 13 launch for more information, but it is currently is confirmed to take place in September.


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