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Google to remove the Android voice Unlock feature

For the improvement in user experience, Google just keeps on introducing new changes. Just a few days back, it was revealed that Google would no longer rely on third party apps anymore, and the company would allow to have the power to set their own default list and note taking provider in assistant, which is based on and around the Web App for lists and Notes. Now, with the latest reports and news in mind, it is suggested that Google is working on removing something from its gear, rather than adding something.

It looks like Google is set to remove and replace the Android voice unlock. The feature has been available at the disposal of pretty much all Android users for quite some time now, and while it gained popularity at the beginning when people started to marvel at the working mechanism, people soon started to care less and less about the particular feature, probably down to the reason that the security of the particular feature wasn’t of great levels.

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So what was the feature all about? Well, Google’s “Unlock with Voice Match” feature gave users the option to have their voice act as a phone passcode. After you gave your command to Google assistant, the phone would authenticate whether it really was you, and then would perform accordingly. And like I said before, this sort of security is quite weak – security wise, since your own voice recording could be used to unlock your phone.

While Google is removing the feature, the company will indeed replace it with some other feature – in particular, “Lock screen personal results” and we will indeed see this feature on the Google Pixel 3. So, with this in mind, I would say that it’s safe to assume that Google will ultimately replace the unlock with voice match in the future.


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