Google Resigns an Employee for Defending $1 Billion Israeli Project

Google Resigns an Employee for Defending $1 Billion Israeli Project

Ariel Koren, a Google employee, was forced to resign after she opposed a deal worth billions of dollars between Google, Amazon, Israel’s government and the military.

Ms. Koren is said to have retaliated against Google’s Project Nimbus, an agreement worth $1.2 billion for Amazon and Google to provide Israel with military artificial intelligence (AI), tools and other computing services.

She claimed that search-engine giant Google created hostile environment and took illegal actions because of her opposition. That is why she was forced to resign.

She wrote in a blog post that Google was increasingly leaning towards military contracts, and is also suppressing employees who oppose them. She accused Google of exploiting its Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Employee Resource Group (ERG), structures to justify its actions.

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She also stated that Google intentionally muzzles Palestinian, Arab, Jewish, and Muslim workers who are concerned about its role in violating Palestinian human rights. The company creates fear for these workers.

Koren explained that the company has been able to secure its financial interests by shutting down the voices of the Israeli government and military.

She appealed to Googlers (Google employees) to get more information about Project Nimbus, and take action against it. She also shared a video featuring Palestinian Googlers (and their allies) who oppose the project. The video is available here.

She also revealed that Jewglers was an internal Jewish support group. Although it was created to represent Jews and address discrimination against them. However, the Jewglers is constantly acting as a platform to promote right-wing beliefs under pretext of supporting diversity.

It silenced many voices of Googlers supporting Palestine’s independence by misusing ERG structure. The company uses this structure to avoid queries and concerns about its links with Israeli authorities.

Ms. Koren also noted that 250 Palestinians, including 60 children, were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza in May 2021. This prompted harsh global criticisms of Israel. However, the Jewglers demanded that the company’s leadership show support for Israel.

Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) and Susan Wojcicki (CEO of Youtube) sent emails showing their sympathy for Israelis, but not showing concern for persecuted Palestinians.


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