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Google reveals that the shocking deaths topped their trending searches of 2018

As per the annual tradition carried out by Google, they have released its list of the top most trending searches of the year 2018. Well 2018 was a year, when god took from us some very famous celebrities and if anything 2018 was if I may say, a year of unexpected celebrity deaths. Now the top 10 trending searches included the late DJ and musician Avicii, rapper Mac Miller, the legendary comic book writer, the one the only, Stan Lee, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain,controversial yet loved rapper XXX Tentacion, the theoretical physicist, whorevolutionized the world with his ideas, Stephan Hawking and one of the topfashion designers in that industry, Kate Spade, all of whom are no more with usin this world.

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Moreover if you are wondering how Google calculates its top trending searches of the year well, it is not merely to do with the amount of total searches but rather Google calculates this statistic by the increase in interest from 2017 to 2018 in a specific topic, so that more accuracy regarding a certain profile can be provided to the user. As a result most of the top results are seemingly significant stories and events which came out of nowhere and hence shook the world. The 2018 World Cup, set in Russia was the top trending search overall, which proves that the event does not count on the US to generate the interest. Moreover other one-time occurrences include the Hurricane Florence and Michael, the confirmation regarding Brett Kavanaugh, the royal weeding between Prince Harry and the now Princess Meghan Markle were all present in the year round Top 10 for the year’s top trending events.

Google reveals that the shocking deaths topped their trending searches of 2018

Furthermoreone way of getting on the year-end trending searches list is to be surrounded bycontroversy. Well take Justice Kavanaugh for example or Stormy Daniels, theywere among the most trendy people overall. The Rapper 6ix9ine who committed anun-forgiving felony was amongst the most popular musicians in the year 2018 andbelieve it or not Logan Paul was on top of the list of the most trending actorof 2018, how in the world that happened, only Google will know, but were sureit has nothing to do with him being a YouTuber(wink wink). Finally the mosttrending sportsman of the year was the NBA player on a relative massivecontract, Tristan Thompson who earns the right after cheating on KhloeKardashian( yeah the world we live in?). Moreover he also made the list of theoverall most trendy searches of the year!


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