Over the years, Google has become the all time top search engine and the complex algorithms have allowed people to search for the most difficult things to find with just a few keywords. However, Google just does not restrict itself to that. Google’s algorithms which are constantly working behind the scenes, look for the relevance of the keywords separately and to each other as well. This way, Google is able to produce the most accurate of results that not even Bing or Yahoo or any other search engines can produce, they are just not as capable enough. Although this means that Google has a record of everything that you search and is able to build complex profiles on each individuals just by our search results.


The fact that’s crazy here is that everyday there are over 5.6 billion searches on Google. And even with the best of coding behind the scenes, annual reports claim that Google has never seen 15% of these searches before, but is still able to produce relevant search results. That is because the algorithm allows the keywords relevance to each other be checked against a database and this produces the best search results. This means that as long as you are using one of the languages that Google search supports, you would be able to receive results on anything. This is what makes Google the king!

However, one thing to note about the annual report is that even after such massive number of searches, there are still 840 million searches everyday that nobody has previously searched about. That is automatically added to the Google search database making it easier to search about the same thing again producing faster results. This is the era of digital information, and Google has mastered the art through its complex coding mechanisms!

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