Google search subject to Dark Mode on desktop

Google search subject to Dark Mode on desktop

Google has gone on to introduce Dark Mode for various apps in the past. Starting right from the Google Play Store to the features such as Google Assistant, the search engine giant has introduced the feature to all there. And now, as per the latest reports, the company is actually in the process of rolling out the Dark Mode feature for Google Search on Desktop.

Courtesy of the report, the Dark Mode feature apparently happens to be subject to a slow roll out to Desktop users that happen to run Windows 10 and macOS. As a matter of fact, it has been claimed that this is all part of the A/B testing and hence it might indeed be a while before it reaches everyone.

For those of you unaware : A/B testing happens to be a randomized experiment which goes on to use two or more variants of the very same page. In accordance with this then, a rather small percentage of users have at their disposal the option to activate the Dark Mode on the Google Search page as of now. As far as browser support goes though – the report proceeds on to suggest that users need to be in Chrome 76+ or Windows 10.

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This particular browser, which happens to be based on Chromium Project, should be on the version 1809 or even newer. Users will first be on the receiving end of the notification at the corner on the page saying “Dark theme is now available.” Enablement of this can be done via the clicking of the ‘Turn on’ which will switch the search page to Dark. Also, once enabled, users will also have the option to either set the theme to light, dark or system default.

With that said then, this has been subject to being enabled in Google App and it’s search already. In any case though, the report proceeds on to claim that Google happens to be enabling the features to other browsers as well which happens to be based on Chromium. This though is done randomly.


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