Google Stadia might just be the most optimistic streaming service yet. The game streaming platform is all set to unveil in November and is sure to hit the ground running! More details have been revealed which include the subscription charges, additional hardware required, the level of internet connection required, areas of release and some clarifications to make sure that everyone has an exact idea as to what Stadia actually is.

Starting off with the subscriptions, the most attractive among them is the PRO membership for $10 which would include exclusive discounts on games and if a user plans to go back to the base membership, these particular games would no longer be part of the collection. At the time of release neither of the subscriptions would be available, rather a chromecast ultra and a stadia controller would debut and would cost $129 for the package. The subscriptions are set to announce in 2020. As to what Google devices they would be supporting, it is clear that the Pixel 3 SERIES would be a definite addition with no word from other OEMS as to when do they plan on integrating it within their own ecosystems. Software requirements would be a minimum of Ios 11 and marshmallow.


The most controversial details are that of the required internet connection. The options for streaming would be 720p, 1080p and 4K which are to be available at a minimum internet speed of 10, 20 and 35 mbps respectively. Moreover, a consistent internet connection would be necessary with hiccups causing streaming delays.

Google has stated that for now, cellular data wont be used for Google stadia, however, the introduction of 5G might just do Google a huge favor in terms of the required speeds for steaming. Game progress is to be continuously stored on the cloud, which would result in minimum loss if the internet speeds occasionally dives.

The last bits include Stadia being online only feature and wont have any way for offline play.

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