Google go up to ten million installs

Google go up to ten million installs. Android Go phones have been trending recently, and it’s is fair to say that the phones have enjoyed some success as well, to a certain extent though. While many have stated that indeed the phones have been enjoying more success than initially expected, however, whether or not this is exactly the case is pretty much unknown. This is because of the fact that the statistics for the sales so far haven’t actually been revealed.

However, while the sale numbers haven’t been revealed, we’ve had a glimpse as to what’s been going on. As it turns out, Android Go, a Google app which ships on Android Go-powered phones hit ten million installs on the play store, and this happened just yesterday.

When taken into account the factor of ten million sales, that does give us an indication of the success the phones might be enjoying, however, it isn’t definitive proof by any stretch of the imagination. This is because there probably are a handful of users that have non-Go devices, and have downloaded and installed the app for its data saving utility, which as it turns out, might and can be crucial to a great number of users. So the ten million downloads factor might be out of order. Emphasis on the word ‘might’. It is also actually true that when the app arrived last year, it started life out as a search lite – and this was way before Android Go-powered phones even began to ship. So just consider the fact that there were probably a great number of downloads even before the Android Go phones hit the market.

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According to some reports and other sources, in particular, to Gartner, it was reported that Android handset sales topped 626 million units combined across each quarter so far, in 2018. With these numbers in mind, and also taking into consideration the fact that Android Go phones only started being sold this year, that means that Android Go powered handsets accounted for 1.6 percent of the market sales this year. However, once again I’ll mention that the real number is probably lesser than this, due to all the reasons I have mentioned before.

It seems like not many people have insights into Google expectations over Android Go, so it isn’t really clear whether or not the phones will be produced in the future. The ‘overestimated’ numbers might be a good sign, but whether or not there is any continuation to such a concept, we can only wait and see.

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