So Google is a very well known giant in the world of technology, they started off with a single search engine, which inspired millions, helping them find all sorts of information just at your fingertips.  Today the company has launched operations in the of mobile phone technology, they have acquired services of YouTube, they have made various social media platforms and so much more. So now theGlobal technology giant Google is looking to start Google Pay services in Pakistan, as revealed by some sources.

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If sources are to be believed, the intent of the company was to communicatethere interests to the  government officials in a meeting earlier today. If all goes well and Google do launch these services in Pakistan, this will prove to be a very initiative for the economy of Pakistan not to forget the amount of employment opportunities it will open up for the people of Pakistan.However they have not as yet given us a date as to when this change may occur in Pakistan, however, it appears that actual launch of Google Pay in Pakistan could still be a fewmonths away.

Furthermorein another meeting, the Google team met with Minister for IT and Telecom and told  the minister that company are also looking to start a training programmes and will be acquiringdigital expertise from the people of Pakistan.The companyofficials also discussed issues related to the social media, e-commerce, digital expertise, and digital payments, and gave them an idea of how this could prove to beneficial for both the government and the people of Pakistan, as investment from major companies such as Google can prove to be very beneficial. The Federal IT Minister in reply, appreciated Google’s interest and assured his ministry’s full support for the initiatives.


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